Kung-Fu Panda: Star Power Enough for Parents

By Kate Arcieri

Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu and Dustin Hoffman? Sounds like a great date-night movie, yes? In fact it’s the cast list for a full-on family affair flick, open this weekend. Each of star, plus Jack Black, Jackie Chan and a host of others, voices a character in DreamWorks Animation’s punchy new film Kung Fu Panda.

Po, voiced by Black, is a kung-fu loving, roly-poly Panda. The catch is he’s got zero street cred and no training as a warrior. Though he dreams of being a great fighter, Po’s days are actually spent dishing out meals at his family’s noodle hut; that is until a twist of fate finds him pitted against five ferocious warriors—including Tigress, voiced by Jolie, Wise Monkey voiced by Chan and Viper, voiced by Liu—in a battle to be the next great warrior, trained by Master Shifu, voiced by the legendary Hoffman.

While the premise isn’t groundbreaking, the presence of such a cross-section of A-listers and legends should keep parents’ and older kids’ attention as littler ones delight in the characters and the story. Also great for all ages: the availability of an Imax version of the film. That means additional image quality as well as that wrap-around sound experience we’ve all come to love in the theater at the science museum. For a list of theaters offering the Imax experience head to Imax.com.You’ll also find out which upcoming Hollywood releases will have an Imax version, as well as learn about the other kinds of movies these theaters offer up.

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