Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Back Together? They Face off With The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Marley and Me

By Johnna Rizzo

Brad Pitt may seem all-but-ageless in real life, but in the Christmas Day release "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" he goes one better even—he ages backwards. No mean feat, even for the impeccable Mr. Pitt—though admittedly, even he is a bit creepy when providing the face for an arthritic toddler incarnation. Add to the odd-enough-to-pique-our-interest premise Pitt’s sidling up to a life-long love interest played by Cate Blanchette and we’re looking at a pretty good reason to wrap up the present-opening early enough for a family outing to a matinee.

Even more curious is the opening day face-off with the former Mrs. Pitt. Jennifer Aniston’s "Marley and Me," a romantic comedy co-starring Owen Wilson, will start reeling on the same day. (Oprah interviewed them to promote their respective starring roles a week apart in November, resulting in much ballyhoo’d quotations flying across the tabloid pages.)

And there’s a bit of a bookstore face-off brewing too: while Aniston’s offering is based on a popular tome, Pitt’s film’s got a very literary pedigree, being loosely based on a short story of the same title from the 1920s by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In short, Fitzgerald’s the winner in a hand to hand book battle, but his authorship also means "Benjamin Button" is not exactly lighthearted fare. The dramatic story arc, solid acting, and beautifully faced stars makes for a great date offering, and for holiday viewing it’s perfectly safe for accompanying teens and tweens with a few days reprieve from schoolwork.

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