5 DVDs to Rescue Your Holidays

The Go-to Movies Our Kids Will Watch Endlessly

by Johnna Rizzo

The holidays are all about hustle, but every family needs a little down time as well. And sometimes there's nothing like plopping everyone down in front of a DVD to keep your little ones occupied while you get a little holiday elf-ing done. You want them to stay interested—and learn a few things along the way!—all the way to the closing credits. And sometimes there just isn’t time to run down to the nearest RedBox. You need a go-to movie. We provide the top five perennially pleasing pics to keep their minds engaged and bottoms in place.

Finding Nemo: The little one-finned clownfish that could and his flaky friend Dory capture our hearts as they go their deep-sea, courage-challenging adventure way beyond the coral reef, encountering ravenous sharks, hippie-style sea turtles, and one very, very dirty doctor’s office fish tank on their quest to get safely back home to Nemo’s lovably overprotective dad.

The Lion King: The grandeur of the African savannah sets an even-in-cartoons jaw-dropping backdrop for the story of a little lion cub learning to do the right thing, trust the right animals (hint: hyenas aren’t the right animals!), and grow up to be a good lion man. Elton John’s songs playing in the background don’t hurt either.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel longs to be a human to be close to her Prince Charming, Eric, but when she trades in her voice to evil sea witch Ursula for a pair of legs, she realizes how much she’s had to leave behind. Plus, the Disney soundtrack is exceptionally appealing.

101 Dalmatians: Puppies are adorable; 101 one of the spotted little creatures crawling all over each other are irresistible. Add in one very evil villainess aptly called Cruella DeVille who wants to make coats out of them, and you have a story about the importance of family and how far some will go to protect the ones they love.

Toy Story: A roomful of toys in real life provide endless adventures for little minds, and "Toy Story" lets us believe for a little while that it’s not all just pretend. The basic storyline of friendship and loyalty, and even how to live with someone who is different from you, is a timeless classic one.