Chic July Fourth Centerpieces!

By Kate Arcieri

Good news, kiddies. If you’re not content to simply jam a couple flags in a tired flower arrangement this Fourth of July, designer and Top Design maven Todd Oldham has a whole new range of crave-able arrangements to get you inspired. Oldham’s teamed up with FTD to bring his Technicolor aesthetic to homes coast-to-coast—starting at $40 a pop!

Our favorites include mini roses in red, white and blue take-out containers and African violets set into patriotic prep bowls. The mini roses are available in white or red, served up in blue-with-white-stars or red-with-white-stripes containers respectively. The violets come in polka-dotted, striped and starred bowls—which can later be reused for food prep or serving up condiments.

But if you’re using these at home—not sending the fleurs to friends or family—you can also save a little scratch by building your own knockoff at home. For the Chinese takeout container arrangement, start by picking up a small (keep it under 10 inches high) miniature rosebush at the grocery store. Next get your hands on an unadorned take-away bucket; be sure it’s made with treated paper so you won’t be in trouble when a little H20 leaks from your plant. The containers can be found at many craft stores and The Container Store as well as at Oriental Trading and Papermart. For a homemade vibe hand the boxes over to your kids; set them up with permanent markers or paints and request some one-of-a-kind patriotic art. For a look closer to the original pick up some gift wrap in a patriotic theme and adhere with a glue stick or decoupage medium.

The violet arrangement’s far easier—simply grab a low lying African violet pot from your grocer and pair with adorable prep bowls from Crème de la Crème; at four for $8 they’re an absolute steal. These bowls are narrower than Oldham’s, though, so you may have to repot straight into the bowl instead of letting the plastic planter the violet comes in sit inside the bowl.And if all this sounds like too much work, you can always give FTD a ring and enjoy the fruits of Todd Oldham’s stylish labor—without a bit of your own!

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