4 Cool Tools for Winter Yard Work That Make Great Gifts!

By Johnna Rizzo

All seems quiet on the outdoor front, but that’s no excuse for letting your once-and-future green space go south. Under all that snow and frost, a lot can be going on. We get it—you’re a little tired and would rather snuggle in for a long winter’s nap. But try to think of you and your yard as a happy marriage; planting the seeds of spring romance now pays off in spades later. Herewith, four cool tools to combat your cold-weather yard fatigue, and get you falling in love with working outdoors all over again. And hey, if someone else at your house does the outdoor work, consider this their holiday wish list!

1. Remember the first time you ever pruned a tree? Well, retro is in, and those old-school tree loppers are looking better than ever. And since winter is the absolute best time for tree pruning, throw on Foreigner’s "Feels Like The First Time" and get back out there with Ace Hardware’s Compound Action Tree Pruner in seasonally appropriate deep green. ($45 each)

2. Got a problem lawn, the kind that cultivates a bald spot quicker than your husband’s family tree? Beat it into submission with the Agri-Fab 45-0309 Spiker/Seeder, which looks like a medieval torture device, and provides simultaneous soil aeration of seed depositing. After all, winter is also the best time to sow new grass. ($199.99)

3. Live in temperate climes and want to get a few leaves of lettuce or other greens into the ground? Earthway’s Precision Seeder is streamlined and sleek. On the practical side, it saves all that bending over. ($74.99)

4. You don’t go all winter without tweezing or shaving, right? Okay, well you shouldn’t. And you shouldn’t let your shrubbery get out of hand either. Winter is a good time to tame holly and other woody curb appeal enhancers with a tool as light to lift and cool-looking as Fiskars PowerGear 2 Bypass Lopper, which can handle limbs up to 2 inches. ($34.99)

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