Rainy Day Project: Murals

By Amanda Orr

Another rainy day, another day to consult the Internet for a project that may actually last more than 10 minutes. Well, for those brave at heart…or brave at home, here’s a project that can have your whole gang occupied for an entire afternoon. Three-year-olds to thirteen-year-olds will love it when you offer them the chance to create a mural: for their bedroom, the playroom, or if you have some budding Picassos, perhaps even your family room. Now, we're not suggesting you let them paint the walls. But when you tack up some large-scale paper and let them go at it kids will feel like they're painting something permanent. Fret not. Today’s art, and cleaning, supplies take the fear factor out of a large-scale indoor art project. Let them go wild with their imagination, and just make sure you have these supplies close at hand.

Crayola Erasable Markers
Now you don’t have to repaint the entire wall if Junior misses the paper or goes outside the boundary. Crayola Erasable Markers let you change drawings and correct mistakes. They draw like a regular marker, but they erase like pencils thanks to a special ink that can be rubbed out completely from almost all papers. (About $6)

Fadeless Art Paper Roll
This 24" x 60" paper roll comes in an endless variety of colors and with a large enough supply to mural-ize your whole house! Pick your favorite color and get to work. (About $10)

Mural Designs
Need a little guidance? Not feeling inspired? There’s a whole site devoted exclusively to helping you design your mural. Have your pick… paint by numbers, stencils, girl and boy themes and a variety of other theme designs. Fiona, the owner, is a lifelong mural artist, and she does the hard part for you. (Range of prices)

Mr. Clean Wall Erasers
When it’s all said and done, allow Mr. Clean to come to the rescue. The new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works with just water (a cleanser is embedded) to clean the toughest stains…that is, if you didn’t take our advice and use the erasable markers!

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