Dealing With The Wants!

By Amy Bergin

The "wants" are a phenomenon we all experience and working through it is a particularly challenging situation as parents—it tests many skills, not the least of which is setting limits with our children.

Take for example, birthdays. Kids are so excited to be invited to birthday parties where elaborate decorations, entertainment, sophisticated food, cake and goody bags are what’s in store for them. This seems to be the norm these days. Often upon returning home from a party like this a child comes home over stimulated and sporting a huge case of "the wants." It is a natural response for the child to want to have a similar party for their birthday, to be the center of attention, and certainly to want to receive a mountain of presents. However, when living within means is a family goal, then it becomes complicated and expensive to satisfy every "want" such as this. Simply put, to follow what others do sets unrealistic expectations and disappointment is sure to follow. So, to help battle "the wants" in any situation, below are three tips that can help to work through this familiar emotion:


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