4 Inexpensive Cures for Winter Runny Noses

They’re three words every mother dreads. "Mom, I’m sick." Although you work hard to fend off germs day in and day out, it’s inevitable that at some point your kids will get sick. So we set out on a mission to find out what products real moms use to cure a case of the sniffles. And although each of their recommendations is inexpensive to purchase, they may just prove to be invaluable the next time your child gets a runny nose.

Vaporize Them! As the mother of a two year old and the owner of a successful daycare, Joy Greenstein knows a thing or two about caring for sick kids. She takes matters into her own hands when her daughter has a runny nose. "I give her a hot bath, with Johnson & Johnson Soothing Vapor Baby Bath. I keep the bathroom door closed to trap in the steam. It makes all the "stuff" in her body come out!" she says.

Use a Homeopathic Remedy. Irena Boostani is a mother of two who recommends going the homeopathic route to cure your kids of the sniffles. She uses a remedy called Sambucol for Kids. "As soon as I suspect a runny nose, I give my girls a teaspoon twice a day and they are back to normal within 24 hours!"

Keep the Tissues Handy. Veteran mom Nancy O'Neill advises parents to teach their children to blow their nose. "When our son would get a runny nose for whatever reason, the only thing I did was keep lots of tissues handy", she says.

Dry It Up! "I'm a mom who hates runny noses", says Julia Cooke, a mother of three children over the age of three. "No matter how hard I try to stress the use of tissues and blowing, inevitably it ends up on sleeves and other articles of clothing. So I like to do what I can to dry it up", says Cooke. To nip runny noses in the bud she recommends using Children’s Benadryl.

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