Readers' 10 Best Low-Cost, Big-Meaning Holiday Gift Ideas!

In conjunction with RedPlum's Chic & Cheap Gift Guide, which lists fresh, fun and frugalous gifts under $30, we asked readers to share their best ideas for big-meaning, low-cost holiday presents. You gave us some superb idea (some even sent photos!) and from your entries we've chosen the ten that got our gifting brains flowing. We're feeling fertile with fab present potential, and we've got you to thank, dear readers!

In no particular order, our ten favorite reader gift ideas are...


1) A New Favorite Family Game...for $15!

2) The Only Gift That's Never Regifted...

3) Keep it Personal!

4) A Gift That Works Every Year

5) Let Them Have a Ball!

6) Give Their Year a Headline

7) Show Their Body Some Love

8) Spell it Out for Them

9) Gift Something Homemade...With a Little Shortcut

10) Plan a Party to Go

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