Skipping the Spa? At Home Massage Products under $25!

By Jessica Reinhart

Few would dispute the wondrous benefits of massage, yet few can afford the time or extra cash it takes to make a regular trip to the masseuse a reality. Luckily we’ve uncovered the following great products that make at-home massages a close second to the real thing.

The Happy Massager ($6.99)
He's the old standby of home massage, but this little guy actually works. This four-pronged hand held master of massage is great for targeting trouble areas and delivering deep pressure to massage out knots and other sore aches. The Happy Massager takes the guess work out of massage.

Tiger Tail Muscle Massager ($24.99)
The Tiger Tail is a one piece rolling massage device that is literally rolled over the desired area, creating pressure and relieving sore, tired muscles. It’s perfect for use on any area that’s feeling a little tense.

Couples Massage DVD ($19.95)
Enjoy a date night IN with the Couples Massage DVD. If you’re all thumbs when it comes to massage, or could just use a few new techniques you and your partner will both enjoy brushing up on your skills with instruction from professional massage therapists. View a short clip here.

Body Oils from The Body Deli ($22)
Any professional masseuse will tell you that the secret to a good massage is in the oil. We’ve found those from The Body Deli to be among the best of the best. With deliciously calming scents like Lavender Sorbet, Mandarin Infusion and Rose Euphoria we’re already well on our way to relaxation.


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