Eat Like The Real Housewives: Three Quick Tricks!

By Barb Freda

Chef Bethenny Frankel—of BravoTV’s Real Housewives of NYC—wants to be the Martha Stewart of natural foods, making healthy eating as accessible as Miss Martha has made decorating. Here, Frankel offers up three little lifestyle changes anyone can make that will have you eating, and feeling, better right away.

Eat high-volume and high-fiber. Frankel wants people to round meals out with a light vegetable (not creamy) soup, a dark green salad (think arugula or spinach) or simple grilled vegetables as a starter. Fill up on these low-cal foods, and you won’t be looking for more. Serve plenty of greens with every meal, and try to incorporate extra greens into sauces or as part of a pasta dish. "Loading it with vegetables and eating them first will fill you up on the good stuff before diving into the pasta," says Frankel.

Taste everything. Eat nothing. Stuck in land of fried foods, with heavy sauces, cheese and sour cream at every turn? "Participate in a little bit of everything without investing in too much of one. Sometimes we're in the mood for fried foods or decadent treats, so at those times, taste a little bit of everything." But keep it small. "Learning to indulge in small portions will make you feel rewarded and like one of those people who eats what they want and never gets fat," says Frankel.

Do spoil your appetite. Frankel suggests not showing up at any event starving. If you know there will be tempting treats on offer, whether at a cookout or a friend's dinner party, plan ahead. "A sensible 200 to 250 calorie snack investment will save you hundreds of calories of impulsive, non-controlled eating and grabbing at hors d’oeuvres or that bread basket," she says. Before you leave the house, enjoy an apple and a small piece of low-fat cheese or a handful of nuts. You’ll be more likely to say no to the sausage wrapped in puff pastry while you wait for the main course to appear.

For more tips from Frankel check out her blog posts and videos as well as the Web site for her company, Bethenny Bakes, where you can order her non-dairy treats.

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