Summer Denim? What to Wear

By Alisa Neely

Denim makes life easy. Wearing jeans fills in the gap for thousands or our fashion questions and this season we are on a denim high—because everything goes.

Unlike this winter or fall, when you felt the pressure to know which cuts and washes were in style, (who wants to get caught in a boot cut when straight leg is where it’s at!), for Summer 2008 the rules have been stripped away. It is safe to leave the house in any cut or color you choose. That is, if they look good on you! Here is a quick break down of the denim looks that are out there and which ones might be right for you.

Wide Leg. This is a great relief after suffering through a season of skinny leg jeans. This style jean looks more like a pant and can easily be dressed up and worn out in the evening with heels or to the office on casual Fridays. These jeans look great on someone with some height so if you are petite look for a pair that is not too wide since the additional fabric could overwhelm your frame.

Straight Leg. A flattering style for many, don’t confuse these with skinny jeans; they are not the same. The leg is definitely more narrow but not skin tight at the calves, these are a versatile cut and come in a huge range of washes.

Skinny Leg. Warning, these jeans do not work on everyone. The name sort of gives it away; you need to be skinny to pull this style off and we do mean to Kate Moss skinny. Having said that, they can be a useful addition to everyone’s wardrobe in the winter when boot season is upon us because nothing tucks into your boots better than a skinny leg jean, it entirely eliminates the bunching at the knee and all the extra fabric having to be stuffed into you boot. And you can cover them up with big sweaters on top.

Colors. Colors are mega hot this season; they work better for the svelte under 30 crowd. Sorry, but remember, we’re protecting you from yourself!

Light Rinse. A slight throwback to Ali McGraw and the ‘70’s these are a perfect summer jean. Pair them with a white blazer and heels and you achieve that I am not trying to be fashionable I just am look.

White: These are a summer must have, get them in any cut you like just be aware that a white jean is a little less forgiving then a darker rinse one so you have to try on a bunch to find just the right ones but when you do you’ll find your self throwing them on all summer long.

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