Stockpile & Save: 7 Things You Should Buy With That Drugstore Gift Card

Did you happen to snag one of those free drugstore gift cards when you transferred your last prescription? The value may vary from $5 to $50, but free money is fabulous no matter the amount. Now that you've got it, what's the best buy with your found money? RedPlum's sourced the seven items you should stock up on. These products are a good value for your gift card, are evergreen and therefore lend themselves to stockpiling--or they simply allow you treat yourself to a purchase you might not make otherwise. So ladies and gentlement, start your free-shopping engines!

First Aid: Yeah, it’s not exactly exciting, but having a fully-stocked first aid kit in the home or car is rather handy. Since bandages, creams, and medicines can run up quite a bill if bought all at once, try getting a few things with your gift card at each visit. You’ll have a fully-functioning home triage set up in no time.

Diaper Duty: With diaper packaging shrinking 20-30%, and the price staying the same (or rising), it’s no wonder many moms moan and groan at having to pick up a pack. Drugstore gift cards are a super way to spend down the balance in a way that will positively impact the family budget. (A $25 gift card is enough to snag a jumbo pack plus some wipes, too!)

Office Supplies: Running low on Post-its? Not sure how you feel about handing over your credit card for that anticipated printer ink? Many pharmacies, drugstores, and retailers will let you use your pharmacy gift card to get your home office up to snuff. (Look for coupon promotions, ink refill programs, and rebates to help you spread your gift card love a bit further.)

Gifts: Your Aunt Ida won’t care how much you spent on her Birthday gift this year, especially if it looks like it was bought with a twenty (and you used your free gift card to cover the purchase.) Since many stores carry perfumes, spa products, and even flowers, you can find the perfect gift at the perfect price – zero!

Gift Cards: Believe it or not, some pharmacies and drugstores allow you to use your gift card to buy another gift card, to one of over 30 chain retailers, restaurants, or service providers. Check your gift card for restrictions, but it might be possible to turn your $25 in drugstore dollars into a dinner for two or a month of free cable!

Cosmetics: Dying to indulge in that new mineral foundation? Looking to splurge on a color of lip liner that’s a little out of your comfort zone? Using a gift card to try daring makeup trends is actually a responsible (yet fun) way to spend down your free cash. If you don’t happen to like how it turns out, you won’t be kicking yourself later.

Candy: Pharmacies and drugstores are very good at encouraging very bad snacking behavior. (Just look at all the high-end chocolate and artisan snacks they tempt you with at the checkout line.) If you’ve been craving a special treat for your sweet tooth, now’s the time to bite. (Buy now for a special snack session later, too. You can always store chocolate in the freezer.)

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