More Makeup for Your Money: 2-in-1 Lipsticks

By Kate Martel

Good news for lipstick lovers everywhere: it’s likely that your favorite shade is now multipurpose. With all the advancements in cosmetics over the years, it simply isn’t enough that lipstick looks lovely—it needs to do something more. Between the long-lasting lacquers (like Infallible Lipstick by L’Oreal that was given serious buzz by Beyoncé this past year), ultra moisturizing treatments and perfect pout plumpers (so we can come close to capturing Angie’s sultry look)—the best tubes are created to tackle multiple tasks. And hey, who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 value! Whether your lips are thin, lined, or dry, we’ve found the right remedy to soothe your smackers. Here, some of the best multitasking lipsticks available for all of your worst problem areas.

Problem: Dry Lips
If the sun has stripped your lips of moisture, replenish with a stick that supplies both soft color and a soothing solution. Look for a tube that will treat your lips to a little Vitamin E TLC. We love Tinted Treatment Lipstick SPF 15 by Smashbox with its sexy shades and moisturizing middle.

Problem: Fine Lines
If you’re starting to notice that fine lines and wrinkles are taking up residency on your lips, pick up a stick that will help cease creases. Hydrating Anti Aging Lipstick by LeCharme is the perfect solution for lips that need a little more life. This anti-aging formula comes chock-full of retinol, vitamins, collagen, shea butter and aloe vera to ensure beautiful and youthful lips.

Problem: Thin Lips
If you’re looking to add vibrant color plus a little more volume to your lips, invest in a product that has the best of both worlds. To get the most voluptuous look, try an ultra-moisturizing lipstick that offers lasting color and a little lift. We love Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick by Elizabeth Arden because it plays up your pout by making lips fuller and reducing the appearance of vertical lines (plus it comes in amazing colors!)

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