Holiday Hair Care: Should I Color Before a Trip?

By Kate Martel

It’s no secret that hair care isn’t cheap. On average, we shell out anywhere between fifty to three hundred dollars every eight to ten weeks just to touch up our fading strands. So here’s the hair dilemma: you’re going on vacation and want to look your best, but is it smart to spend money on new highlights right before heading to your island in the sun? We spoke with expert colorist Tiffany Cavalieri who gave us the low down on vacation hair care and what you need to do to look your very best when you’re away on holiday.

"Whether it’s highlights or all over color—wait until you’re back", urges Cavalieri. "The sun will lighten highlights and fade the rich color you just paid for, so if you can handle faded hair for a week, it’s best to wait." But good new for those of us who are gray: Cavalieri says "it’s okay to go ahead and touch up your roots before you go." So what happens if you’ve just got your hair done last week, leave for vacation in a few days and are just reading this now? Don’t worry; Redplum’s got your covered. Below are some quick fixes that’ll help protect your newly colored strands from the sun’s stifling rays.

Bring fashionable hair coverings
Vacation is all about relaxation—not stressing over your strands. So give yourself a peace of mind while you’re sitting in the sand or hitting the shops by simply throwing on a head covering. Scarves, hats or bandanas—in our book they’re all a-okay (as long as they’re cute). If you’re a scarf person, try this Contrast Floral Silk Scarf from Forever21. As far as hats go, we say slouchy will always be in style. This Canvas Beach Hat from Lands End is a safe, stylish choice to have handy when you’re heading to the beach. As for bandana’s, we say stay classic.

Color Conditioner with SPF
"One way to preserve the color you’ve already paid for is to use a conditioner that contains SPF", says Cavalieri. She recommends using Color Conserve Sun Protector every day while you’re away. It’s a lightweight, leave in foam conditioner that won’t weigh down your hair but delivers SPF protection and sun filters that will give you maximum protection against fading. And of course, always use a color safe shampoo and conditioner after getting your hair colored.

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