Ask The Nail Salon Expert: Do Pricey Nail Files Work Better?

By Kate Martel

Fine, it’s not rocket science, but we’ve always wondered whether it’s worth spending $20 on a nail file fit for the poshest nail salon. Turns out, the answer’s no. We got with a nail care expert who told us the right emery board to use for every purpose. And the good news is her recommended boards start at about $2, and not-a-one’s more than $8.

If you’re someone with challenging nails (weak, yellowed, splinter-y) finding a cost effective way to take care of your nails is …well, a nail biter (but please, we beg you—don’t do it), especially if you’re looking for a way to keep that wallet fuller (honestly, who can afford weekly trips to the nail salon these days?) So we also got the low-down on the right way to file your nails without splitting, ripping or weakening. So let’s get started on the search for the perfect file.

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