Take your Baby Dancing!

By Amanda Orr

New moms no longer need to feel relegated to the park or library for outings with their babies and toddlers. A new coast-to-coast craze has moms and dads teaching their little ones to shake their groove thangs as hundreds of happening clubs (that are strictly 21 plus after dark) are opening themselves to the Wiggles set come Saturday afternoon.

Baby Loves Disco is capitalizing on a long sought after goal of lots of new moms—making the transition to parenthood without giving up all your old sorts of socializing. BLD rents out space from local clubs and bars on Saturday afternoons, hangs the mirrored ball and encourages parents to shake their booty.

As a bonus, BLD has attracted sponsorship from all sorts of toddler friendly companies so after paying a small entrance fee (normally around $12), Baby Loves Disco does the rest of the work. In addition to the dancing, there's face painting, temporary tattoo stations, toys, snacks and of course, a bar that includes alcohol for those that are so inclined. "I used to love to go dancing, but seemingly overnight, it was five years and three boys later since I had gone," said Lisa a mom in DC and a BLD convert. "I couldn’t believe it when I walked into baby loves disco. It wasn’t romper room with Barney music playing. It was a real disco with great ‘70s music playing. I loved it and so did my boys."

So if you think you’re game to check out BLD in one of the 21 cities where they are now holding parties, here’s what you do. If you have an infant, its best to Bjorn or sling them. There are lots of moms dancing up a storm with babies strapped to their chests. Toddlers are free to dance with you – and there are lots of children of both ages. Of course Dads are welcome too and in fact, lots of Dads do come.

If you’d like BLD to come to your town, all you have to do is send a copy of the award from your most recent dance contest and five photos of you in professional dancing attire. Kiding, kidding. All you have to do to get the attention of BLD’s head dancers—Andy and Heather—is:

1. Find a super cool club, one that has lots of space (room for at least 400), one that is clean, has a dance floor, a disco ball, and is central to young families; and

2. e-mail the Web site of that club plus a description of yourself and your reasons for wanting to get involved to Andy and finally

3. Be patient. BLD promises to take take care of you. They’re crazy busy hiring new local hosts all over and are even taking a minute to sit back and enjoy the sold out shows now taking place in the UK. For more information hit the Baby Loves Disco Web site

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