Chic Baby Bags Under $30: Don’t Overspend on a Diaper Bag!

By Kate Arcieri

It's going to get spit up on, drooled over and generally abused, but for some reason we can't help but crave the same $579 Stacey Lapidus Tough Baby bag favored by Heidi Klum. But as any of us who have looked at a friend's arm-candy diaper bag a year later, a pricey baby tote doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So we've chosen four diaper bags under $30 that are durable and great looking, and will have you feeling like one smart mamma!

#1: Mod Tote/Diaper Bag

Grab: Mod Tote/Diaper Bag for only $25. Though the outside's rather staid (black with periwinkle piping) the interior and pocket linings are hip and graphic.

Price: $25
Includes: Multiple outside pockets and a roomy middle.
Great For: Moms who want a bag to match anything, with a kicky little touch.
Even Stores: Magazines and books, thanks to its wide top. Not that you'll have time to read anything other than "What to Expect: The First Year"...

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