4 Costumes We Love For Baby Under $30!

By Amanda Orr


We’ve seen the pumpkins and the two peas in the pea pod for twins – we’ve seen them again and again. They’re cute. Really, any costumes on a baby, especially one that has absolutely no idea why they’re dressing up, are adorable. And for some reason, adults can’t resist – perhaps the infant year is the one year that you’ll get to dress your children in the costume of your choosing before the requisite princess and super hero years. But we think you should get a little more creative than a pumpkin. For the best of this year’s adorable costumes at a bargain, here are our top five picks.


The Future Fisherman
Has a future fish-hunter ever looked more adorable? Whether you're a family that fishes, or just one that likes to eat fish, this is a great costume for both genders. And best of all...they still won't smell like a fisherman. Available for $29.99 at Buycostumes.com.

The Incredible Hulk
Kind of cute looking at the little guy in this muscle make up! This site has great Hollywood themed custumes beyond the Hulk – Buzz Light Year, Shrek, Princess Fiona, and of course, Mickey Mouse. You can find the Hulk for $19.99 at Hollywood Toys and Costumes.

The Baby Whoopie Cushion
How’s this for originality? Want to guarantee that your baby truly has a unique costume? Try out the infant whoopie cushion costume for a mere $12.95. We guarantee you’ll have the only one in the neighborhood. This site, Oriental Trading Company, has a great selection, at the best prices we’ve seen, and some of the most original. If you don’t opt for the woopie cushion, look for the pack of Smarties or the Peeps costume.

And last, and LEAST…

Mom, or Dad, and Baby, Spider and Web Outfit
From Martha Stewart comes this brilliant idea for a make your own costume. Using men’s black socks (detailed instructions in the link), you’ll be able to turn your baby into a spider clinging to your web. Its free, and unique, and you can use it again and again.

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