Top 10: Baby Products You Didn't Know You Needed

By Jessica Reinhart

Every pregnant woman knows they’ll need a car seat, stroller and crib before their little one arrives, but there are other must have items that might not hit your radar until after your precious bundle comes home. To help avoid late night trips to the baby supply store, we’ve come up with a tried and true list of must have items that many new moms say they couldn’t have lived without.

Sensitive Baby Wash. Many commonly used baby washes have fragrances and chemical additives that can be irritating to your baby’s sensitive skin. California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash is super gentle because it’s fragrance-free and made with a non-chemical formula.

Baby Monitor. Keep tabs on your little one while they sleep with a baby monitor. These handy radio transmitters come in all shapes and sizes, and some even include video monitors.

Boppy. Whether you plan to nurse or bottle feed, a boppy will quickly become a critical part of your arsenal. This c-shaped pillow provides the support you need to reduce strain on your arms, shoulders and neck while feeding baby.

Multiple Kinds of Bottles. Some bottles can actually make babies gassier than others, which can lead to crying, which NO ONE likes! Sometimes you need to try a few different bottles until you find the right one. We recommend having three different kinds on hand - just in case!

Bottle Brush. As soon as your baby begins drinking from a bottle you will understand the importance of a good bottle washer. There are several variations on the market, but we really love Munchkin’s Deluxe Bottle Brush. It has a suction base that sticks to your counter and allows for germ free drying, a big scrubber for cleaning inside and outside of the bottle, and a skinnier scrubber for cleaning inside plastic nipples.

Calendar. The first year will fly by and when it’s over it’s really nice to be able to look back and have reminders of what actually happened! First year calendars allow you to record daily and monthly milestones and also keep track of upcoming plans and dr.’s appointments.

Germ Protection. Every good mom’s secret weapon, especially when your baby is a newborn and it’s critical to keep her environment germ free. Keep a handy travel sized Purell with a handy carrier attached to your diaper bag, your keychain and in your car.

Mirror, Mirror. During their first year your baby will spend travel time in a rear facing car seat. Using a back seat baby mirror, such as SafeFit’s Travel In Sight Baby Mirror, will allow you to see the road and your baby in one quick glance.

Swaddle. Babies love to be swaddled because it helps them to feel warm and secure, particularly during the first few weeks of life. If you took a prenatal class you probably practiced swaddling dolls. Unfortunately real babies move – a lot. And just when you think you have the swaddle mastered, they somehow Houdini out of it. That’s why we love the Swaddle Me – all you have to do is wrap the baby up in it and then it Velcro’s closed – so simple and perfect!

Wipes, for Cleaning. You probably already know that babies need wipes. But did you know that you can use traditional baby wipes to take even the most stubborn stains out of clothing? It makes you wonder what kind of crazy chemicals they put in there…and then it makes you wonder how good it can possibly be to use on your little babies delicate skin. [ektdesignns_placeholder_ID0EBG]