Should You Wax Your Dog's Feet?

By Amy Loeffler

Dry air, salted sidewalks and cold temperatures can take a toll on your pooch’s all-important foot pads. Try these thrifty at-home and over-the-counter remedies from RedPlum this winter to sooth your pet’s aching paws.

If your inner Martha Stewart is crying out for a project, a DIY recipe for a homemade salve is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll need one part cosmetic-grade beeswax, one part olive oil, and one pinch borax. First, melt the beeswax according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the wax starts to cool, add the borax and then the olive oil in small amounts, and stir together until the mixture thickens for a cost-effective winter pet balm.

Don’t have time to whip up your own batch of paw protectant? Try a handy product called Musher’s Secret. This canine cure of natural waxes was originally developed for Canadian sled dogs and is sure to keep Fido’s pads moisturized and icicle -free. A 60g jar is $15.99 at

Shaw’s Paw Wax can also help sensitive pads stay healthy in extreme weather. This product is popular among show dog handlers who use it to prevent slippage in the ring. Give Fido some tread and snatch up a 50 g container for $6.99 on

In addition to using protectants like the ones mentioned above, wiping off your pet’s paws after walks is a good first step to keeping pads healthy and free from harsh solvents. With a little TLC, you’ll keep Fido mobile on even the coldest winter days!


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