3 Ways to Make Free Pizza Coupons Work Harder!

By Linsey Knerl

If your house is like ours, the pizza coupons that come in the mail have their own special spot of honor on the counter, so that when Pizza Night rolls around we know just where they are. Ditto for the online printable pizza coupons we (shameless plug...) print right here on RedPlum. How can we resist promises of “free pizza” to customers willing to place an order at that local chain restaurant. But RedPlum readers wondered: what does it take to get that complimentary pie? And is it even that great of a deal? So we've rounded up the three ways to get the most out of your pizza coupons, and enjoy many a low-cost pie!

Be Ready For Pizza...Now!

Before you even start making plans for a deep-dish dinner at home, it’s important to check out the end dates on each coupon. Some are short-dated, so they work only if you're craving pizza tonight. Others are only valid for lunch hours, and many are never good on the weekends. Be sure that you know the validity of that coupon before you call in your order! The time to talk about whether or not your coupon's valid isn't when you're staring down that hot, cheesy goodness. To get the most out of these dollars-off or buy-one-get-one offers, be flexible. If you see that your favorite chain or mom-and-pop pizza joint has a coupon for half off a pie that expires tomorrow, why not treat yourself today. If you're willing to move Pizza Night around a bit each week, your wallet can benefit big-time.

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