School Vacation Survival Kit Cont

Activity 2: Picture Perfect  

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a camera is priceless when you incorporate the family fun-saver into spring break frolicking. Has the family digital camera been collecting more dust than memories since Christmas? Tune up your photographer's eye by playing tourist in your own city or town and create a photo essay of your favorite places, activities or daily routine.

First: Compile a list of places, things or activities to photograph. What are the spots you would take out-of-town relatives who had never seen your city? Which places would you write about if you were a first-time visitor to town and sending a postcard back home? Once you've got that list together, get going! Take the morning to visit each spot on the list, and point and shoot with kids in tow. Be creative with perspective! And depending on their ages, let the kids help with the camera work.

Then: When you've gotten all of your shots, make a book using a desktop publishing tool such as iPhoto to show-off your creative handiwork in the afternoon.

Who It's For: This activity can be adjusted to include younger and older children alike by adding or cutting back on sites for your photo essay. And if you would like to let young ones participate in the making of the photo book itself, try making a print version with color printouts of the photos and letting your kids arrange them on colored construction paper using a glue stick and craft scissors.

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