RedPlum's School Vacation Week Survival Kit!2

By Linsey Knerl

Your kids have been anticipating the upcoming spring break holiday with the zeal of a pack of hyenas circling a hen house. But if the economy has you planning a "staycation" for spring break this year rather than the traditional getaway to warmer climes, RedPlum has five activities to keep your little darlings' behavior from descending into "we're bored, what can we destroy now" territory.

Activity 1: Fun With Flowers

If spring hasn't exactly sprung in your area, make some fanciful blossoms of your own to enjoy. These button flowers are inexpensive and easy, plus make perfect from-the-kids presents if you've got any family birthdays coming up. When you're finished they get tucked into the soil of your yet-to-flower blooms.

What You'll Need:

  • 26-gauge green florists' wire
  • An assortment of buttons from your stash at home or the bargain bin of your local fabric store.

Who The Project's For:

  • If they're still at the everything-goes-in-the-mouth stage this isn't the activity for your brood, since buttons are a choking hazard.
  • Florists' wire can be a bit sharp at the ends, so keep a careful eye on the young ones.
  • Hand-eye coordination requirements for this project make it best for kindergarteners and above.

How To:

  • To assemble button flowers thread florists' wire through a stack of colorful buttons and twist the wire below the stack to secure the buttons.
  • Insert the button flower into your plants soil and arrange button flowers to your taste.
  • If you're creating the project as a gift, grab a potted plant on sale at the grocery store and arrange your button flowers inside, then present the plant as part of the present.


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