3 Tips for Spending Less on Pet Care…

The recession doesn't reach into the dog house, it would seem. When it comes to caring for their pets Americans aren't really cutting back. We're happy to do without ourselves if it means Fluffy still gets her Iams. But what about a few ways to spend less on pet care while still getting your fur people everything they need and want? Here, some great ideas for spending less and getting more for your pets:

  • Skip the vet for shots. Take your pet to get vaccinated at clinics instead of the vet's office. Prices are typically much lower. More info on this tip.
  • Look into private boarding. When boarding your pet, choose a private sitter to save some cash. Typically, your pet will stay in their home with food that you provide, the overhead costs of large kennels are a non-issue. More on this tip.
  • Diagnose your pet online. If your feline is feeling a little under the weather, check out for thorough descriptions of symptoms and ailments. If it's just a simple fix, like changing the type of food, this site could save that pricey trip to the Vet's office. More on this tip.

Have your own tips for saving on pet care? Send them our way.

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