Valentines Day Gifts For Him: A Deluxe Day in the Garage

This Valentines Day gift idea is perfect in its simplicity: just let him spend the whole day playing around in the garage. "My hubby enjoys going through his tools and keeping the garage clutter-free," says Angel. So this take-one-for-the-team wife is going to give her husband the perfect day of doing just what he loves. IF your guy's not into fiddling in the garage or the shop, this gift idea translates well to whatever his hobby is.

Angel's plan is to start her husband off with breakfast in bed. Two eggs over easy, hashbrowns, bacon and toast with jelly in the shape of a heart will be joined with a greeting card. But for Mr. Angel the best is yet to come. Next he and Angel will head to the garage, where she'll cheerily donate a couple hours to helping him move his tools and toys from one shelf to another.

For lunch Angel will serve up heart-shaped ham-and-cheese sandwiches and make fresh tortilla chips into hearts as well. Then it's movie time, with one of her husband's favorite rentals and popcorn. The day's topped off with dinner at a favorite local restaurant (with a restaurant coupon, of course!) and then a pie picked up from Marie Callendar's.

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