Valentines Day Gifts For Her: The Scrapbooking Concierge

As a working mom of three, Michelle in Michigan doesn't have time to organize her children's memories. Sure, the baby books are done. (That's something. Some of us are still working on the wedding album five years later.) But Michelle wants the mementos of the rest of their lives since baby-hood safely stored so she can walk down memory lane at a moment's notice. But who has the time?

"I would absolutely love it if my husband would help my three children coordinate small scrapbooks of each of them individually," says Michelle. Inside would be photos and objects representing all the things each of her little guys loves, and the things she loves about them.

In Michelle's house this gift is practically free. "We have all of the supplies already," she says. It's the time and effort that would go into such a present that she says would be priceless. But if your home isn't already outfitted with every scissor, corner rounder and eyelet setter they make, you can pick up all the supplies you will need for two or more books for less than $30. Grab a scrapbook with plastic sleeves so the mementos you'll store will be protected from messy hands. Then grab a stack of acid -free card stock at the craft store, which won't react with photos and cause them to age more rapidly. A photo-quality glue stick, a pair of scissors, and you're ready to go. Everything you need (letters, numbers) can be cut out of that paper. And remember that your Sweetie doesn't expect you to be an expert scrapbooker. That's her job. All she wants is for this project to be done, done, done!

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