Valentines Day Gifts For Her: One Day of Chauffeur Service

Gillian in Connecticut is not a hard woman to please. "On V-Day I would like my husband to spend the entire day with me," she says. And that will serve as a gift to them both, letting them enjoy a little of that elusive quality time together. For her gift, Gillian also wants dibs on her husband's next Saturday. She's asking him to clear his schedule to chauffer her around town on all the errands she needs (and wants) to do. And what's his gift? $30 to fill the tank up with gas. When the gas is gone, Gillian's coach turns back into a Mazda. But for that full day she's got a car and driver at her disposal, without a bit of complaining or resisting. (We're adding that in, but come on, weren't you thinking it Gillian?)

But the great thing about Gillian's gift request is that she and her husband will be together. "We all need to get back to the more meaningful things when it comes to spending quality time with our loved ones," says Gillian, who calls it "one little way of nurturing our relationships."

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