Valentines Day Gifts For Her: A Wedding-Day Replay

Clearly RedPlum readers love a good bubble bath. Because we were drowning (sorry...) in entries featuring warm baths, candles and rose petals. And you can't go wrong with any of that. But Cornel in Michigan's entry added that one final element that will make any Valentine weak in the knees. It's better coming from him.

"I would buy three red roses, take the petals and spread a trail of them from the doorway into the bathroom," starts Cornel. Inside the bathroom would be the requisite candles, soft jazz and a "very sexy" red negligee. And, a little incongruously, a TV and DVD player would be set up where his Honey could see it from her bath. What's playing? The DVD of their wedding day. Beside the tub would be a note reading "You are the only woman for me, and on this Valentine's Day I want you to remember the happiest day of my life." Mrs. Cornel, we want you to remember how lucky you are to have grabbed this one!

If you don't have a DVD of your wedding, or a TV you can move into the bathroom, Cornel's sweet idea is easily repeated with a photo album created from photo copies of the real one, placed in plastic sleeves in a binder. Because trust us, it's not going to be a romantic Valentine's Day if you get your real wedding album soggy.

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