Not all Chocolate is Created Equal

Dark Chocolate Dangers

The amount and type of chocolate that your pet ingests makes a difference in how your pet will be affected. Small doses of chocolate don’t necessarily warrant a trip to the emergency room. Dr. Fitzgerald advises, “An 80 lb. dog who eats a Hershey’s Kiss does not need his stomach pumped. And during his career deaths by chocolate have been relatively few. ”I’ve seen two deaths in 26 years,” he says about the actual rarity of small animals dying from ingesting the substance. “Both were small dogs who had eaten a lot of chocolate.” To categorize gradations of the toxicity of different types of chocolate, the least toxic is milk chocolate and has approximately 44 milligrams of theobromine per ounce. The most toxic chocolate is baker’s chocolate (the same stuff your mom told you not to eat when she was whipping up goodies in the kitchen) which has 390 milligrams per ounce. Generally it takes one hundred to one hundred-fifty milligrams of theobromine per kilogram of a dog’s body weight (or 2.2 pounds) to cause a toxic reaction.

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