The Plot:

“Inkheart” stars the always-likeable Brendan Frasier as Mo, a bookbinder who has the gift for making the stories he reads aloud really happen, a gift he happens to share with his daughter, Meggie. But the “Silvertongue” has gone quiet these days, because years before he accidentally released a nefarious villain named Capricorn and at the same time imprisoned his wife Resa in the pages of an adventure tome called “Inkheart.” (You’ll know the released characters by the printed words smudged across their faces.) When Capricorn, played by “Lord of the Rings” scene-stealer Andy Serkis, ratchets up the evildoer tomfoolery in Italy, Mo is forced out of his silence to try to save everyone around from Capricorn’s clutches by sending him back to the pages, and perhaps releasing his long-lost wife in the process.

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