Hip Kid Crafts!

Here's the concept for this craft: decoupaging (that would be: pasting, but with a different kind of glue) art and cut-out images onto something useful and attractive, then painting and embellishing. This means you're giving your kids the fun, and the bragging rights, of being the ones to make the Christmas presents, and you're also making sure the giftee gets something they'll use, and that matched their personality.

So you'll start out by choosing the items you want to give. Think about what the giftee needs, what they love, and what you like to do with them. If your aunt and uncle love to have you over for brunch, think about a cake plate that they can pile high with muffins. If your mom adores jewelry, try a few small, low bowls to hold earrings, findings, etc.

Once you've got an idea of what you're looking for, head to the stores or get online. Great sources for glass household items include Target, Walmart and Michaels. We were able to buy our cake plate (above) for about $7, and the bowls for around $3, at our local Target store.

As you're choosing the pieces, You want to look for clear glass with lots of flat surfaces. Skip textured, peppled or fluted glass as it's difficult to adhere to.

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