Top 5: Digital Scales Under $50

By Jennifer M. DeFeo

As another summer of hot dogs and ice cream winds down it’s no surprise your jeans are a little snug. It’s time to get back on track with a new scale. Home scales used to have a reputation for being wildly inaccurate, but today’s crop of home weighers are advanced, and—for better or worse—will give it to you straight.

More expensive doesn’t mean more pounds dropped when it comes to scales, neither does fancy features. Look for scales with large footbeds that use non-slip materials. Digital is easy to read—especially if it has a large LCD display. Some scales announce your weight once you step on. You don’t need scales that tell you your BMI, water retention percentage, or other statistics. More useful is a memory feature, which shows you what you weighed last time you stepped on.

When you find a scale you like, check out the price on the manufacturer’s Web site. A recent search of a HoMedics scale found it selling at a big name department store for $50; and on the HoMedics site for just $29.99. Also, most major stores (Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Bed Bath & Beyond) sell the same scales, and at any given time one of those stores will have a sale or coupon available.

1. Portable Precision Electronic Scale WW11D
Don’t let the ‘portability’ of this scale deter you, it has style and memory for one user. (About $38)

2. Salter Digital Silver Scale
Extra-large, two-inch LCD digital readout makes reading weight easy. (About $40)

3. HoMedics Glass & Silver Digital Scale sc-405
Complements any decor; large display for easy viewing. (About $30)

4. Thinner Digital Body Fat & Body Water Scale
Best feature on this packed scale is its four-user memory, it also tells you if your body fat and water weight are low, high or average. (About $45)

5. Tanita 2 Memory Body Fat Scale
Tanita is the scale brand most athletes and trainers turn to. Get this version exclusively at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (About $30)

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