Last Minute Gift Idea: Animal Charity Donations

By Amy Loeffler

This season there's no need to panic when holiday shopping gets down to the wire. Even if your last-minute gift list isn't made up of pet lovers, a token in the form of a donation to an animal charity can be a classy (and inexpensive) way to accommodate crunched timelines without sacrificing tastefulness. Time's-a-wastin' so, attack that list head on by donating to some of Redplum's favorite animal nonprofits.

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
This finishing school for seeing-eye dogs is a proving ground for those brave canines that dedicate their lives to serving the visually impaired. Dogs live with a volunteer for about one year before they are sent to the foundation's headquarters in Pennsylvania for the job interview of their lives!
A North Carolina-based nonprofit, this organization is dedicated to stamping out animal overpopulation. Your donation to this organization funds cost-effective spay-neuter programs that allow low-income dog and cat owners to spay or neuter the family pet for as little as $20 dollars. Visit to find the closest spay/neuter assistance program in your community.

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)
The lawyers who work at the ALDF may have the only clientele in the whole world who are 100% innocent! This California-based organization fights animal abuse and neglect nationwide by employing cutting edge legal-eagle techniques in the courtroom.

The household name of animal protection, the ASPCA is a broad-reaching organization with many resources available to those who want to make a difference in an animal's life. Send an honor gift to let your giftees know they are loved!

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