Bag it! Tools for an Easier Leaf Season

By Alexandra Nathan

Fall leaves are a beautiful testament to the wonders of nature. That is until they actually fall, at which time they become backbreaking yard work, with your little ones following close behind to decimate each painstakingly created pile with a couple of joyful jumps in the midst.

So what’s a person to do with all this autumnal tree trash? One time-honored, and financially savvy, foliage collection failsafe: support the local economy by hiring out the collection to your house’s or neighborhood’s teens and tweens. Raking it up the old-fashioned way is an outlay for you of only about $8-$10 an hour for the work, plus the cost of plenty of bags. But this is a hire out, rinse and repeat deal ad infinitum each fall. More the yard commando type, looking for the latest power tool to help you do it yourself for years to come? Though the results may often look a bit funny, today’s technology happily steps in with blowers, vacuums and bins galore to help make collection easier.

Looking for a good arm workout, but want to give your back a break? Try the Rollable Giant Leaf Collection Bag (see photo above) at $99, which saves the bending over while maximizing the back and forth. Considered a blowhard by your friends? Give them proof positive by creating piles with obscene speed with Toro’s sleek hand-held Electric Ultra Blower for $69.99. For those with mucho acreage, the Cyclone Rake attaches to your riding mower and collects all the foliage in a covered cart that folds flat to save space in the garage the rest of the year. If you buy in pre-season, it can come in for as little as $995 for the classic model, which at 200-gallon capacity is more than fine for domestic use.

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