5 Fab Label Makers Under $50!

By Jennifer M. DeFeo

It’s a cruel irony that an organized house helps us save time, but who has time to organize the house? One easy and inexpensive way to keep things in place is with a label maker. Before you say, "No way, who needs another gadget lying?" know that this relatively small gadget can help you organize your house. If you have kids, label everything they own: lunchboxes, hats, toys—no more mixups at school and less fighting among siblings. Use it to organize files, storage bins, garage shelves and drawers (this one for nails, this one for screws) and even the pantry. Look around, there’s very little you can’t label.

Label printers don’t have to cost much, and you can get a basic one for about $20-$35 (Brother and Dymo have the biggest variety). You will have to spend a little money on materials and batteries, but it’s a small price to pay to get organized.

Labeling is easy, cheap, and even kind of fun. Here’s a few under-$50 label printers ready to help you reach your own organized nirvana.

  • Brother PT-80 Label Maker ($34.99) This popular handheld uses a typewriter-style QWERTY keyboard that can print in 9 type styles and 6 type sizes, and includes text framing and underlining features.

  • Ativa LP1000 ($34.99) The Ativa LP1000 can print up to 3 lines of text on a single label. You can choose from 24 character sizes, 4 different styles and 3 text effects.

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