5 Cool New Pet Gadgets We Love for Fido!

By Amy Loeffler

Pet gadgets run the gamut from serious to silly, and there were some real doozies released this fall (including a product called Poop-Freeze that hardens Fido's, ahem, doggie business for easier clean up). Ultimately however, newfangled items should aid in keeping Fido in step with the rest of the family and also stand the test of time. These five gadgets pair form with functionality to keep your household (and Fido) humming along as fall turns to winter.

Self-heating pet bed
It may be cold outside, but this self-heating pet bed from Drs. Foster and Smith will keep your pet cozy and feeling like he has a front row seat at the family fireside chat. Imitation lambs wool tops a thermal core that lets your pet sink into canine comfort while existing body heat is reflected to increase radiant heat without electricity. Great for keeping snug on cool nights or soothing sore joints, and what's more your pet's carbon paw print is absolutely zero when using this product. Sorry, they don't come in human sizes as of yet.

Zoombak GPS Dog Locator
Microchipping your pet is nothing new in the realm of pet finder technology, but Zoombak takes traditional pet identification one step further into the digital age. If Fido gets the urge to roam outside the familiar garden gate, The Zoombak system allows you to track his every move by using GPS technology. Pet owners can use the continuous tracking option and log in to, contact a customer service rep, or use their cell phones to receive up to date information on Fido's whereabouts in the neighborhood. By pre-establishing safety zones, Zoombak will send you text messages and e-mail updates for up to one hour after Fido's jail break. No more putting up lost dog flyers!

Pet Water Fountain
When Fido needs to whet his whistle the traditional water bowl is all wet compared to pet water fountains. And keeping your pet hydrated in the winter can be just as challenging as during the heat of the summer months. Cooler air coupled with heating systems that suck the moisture out of indoor spaces can make your pet thirsty. Fountains like The Drinkwell Big Dog automatic water fountain ensures that Fido is kept hydrated no matter how hectic your household gets with work and school activities. The continuous motion of the electric fountain cools water naturally and utilizes a large charcoal filter to eliminate odor and bad taste. Check out for availability.

Gazillion Bubbles- Fetch a Bubble
Too cold outside to play fetch with Rover? Not a problem! Just crank up the Gazillion Bubbles Fetch a Bubble to provide hours of nontoxic, indoor entertainment for your pooch. Yes, really this low tech form of classic toddler fun has been tweaked ever so slightly to accommodate man's best friend: the bubble solution comes in beef, chicken or bacon flavor. Just choose which flavor of bubble solution you want to tempt Fido with and voila, no more lazy pooch potato lounging on the couch.

Nite Light Collar and Lead
Daylight savings is long gone and the sun has set by the time after-dinner walkies roll around. Now that Fido is going out for his evening constitutional in the dark of night, be prepared with a bright red collar and lead that glow from within using LED technology. The Nite Light Collar and Lead from Drs. Foster and Smith is visible up to 1,000 feet in the dark and visually alerts cars and people to your presence around the neighborhood and beyond. This durable collar and lead can be set to flash or go mode depending on your mood.

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