RedPlum's 10 Best Vacation Horror Stories

When we imagine a staycation, we think of this: a decadent week of sleeping in, eating breakfast in bed, failing to answer a single e-mail and watching DVDs with our honey well into the night. In reality, as long as we’re home, the dog expects to be walked, the kids still seem to want food and no one's volunteering to wash the dishes or mow the lawn while we “staycate.”

So instead of talking up the "fakeation," here at RedPlum we decided on a better way to make you feel great about having a close-to-home holiday this year. A no-holds-barred look at readers’ best vacation horror stories. And just as we hoped, reading these made us happy to be staying home this year!

Now it’s your turn to decide whose is best, by “voting with your clicks.” The three finalists with the most traffic will be named the victors. Their spoils? Gift cards for a summer’s supply of ice cream or movies. Vote now by reading each finalist’s story, then sharing your favorite with friends and family to ensure it gets enough clicks to win!

RedPlum’s 10 Best Vacation Horror Stories:
Aren’t You Happy You’re Staycationing?