Rainy Day Activities for Spring Break: Discover It!

By Linsey B. Knerl

Just because school is out doesn’t mean kids can’t learn! These three fun activities can bring science to life, and excitement to an otherwise boring, indoor day.

Ice Age
Kids love ice! We don’t know what it is about the solid state of water that gets children so excited, but the opportunity to learn can make playing with ice an amazing activity for parents and kids. Here is a favorite suggestion for learning about this creation:

  1. Gather a few standard ice cube trays, and place random toys and trinkets into each section. Have an adult help fill with water and place in the freezer.
  2. After each tray has had a chance to fully set, bring out the trays, dump out all of the cubes into a large (but shallow) plastic tub, and allow kids to begin excavation of their treasures. They can use toothpicks, spoons, or warm water dispensed from droppers to get the ice removed from each toy.
  3. Once each treasure has been freed from ice, start all over again with new ones!

  • Remove the crayons and allow them to cool before using!

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