Cats Get Dry Skin Too?

Dry skin is common in the winter, and not just for humans. Flaky skin is a good indication your cat, too, is suffering from the lack of H2O in the air. Worse than that, dryness goes hand-in-hand with feline enemy number one—static electricity. If your cat lights up like a Christmas tree when she walks across your bed at night, or if you find yourself reluctant to pet your cat because of the shocking consequences, it might be time to manage the situation with moisturizers.

A moisturizing bath might be soothing for your cat’s skin, but it probably won’t be very soothing for her nerves, so let’s keep things simple and convenient. We’ve found a number of promising products that can be sprayed directly on your pet’s parched fur to cause the least amount of trauma for both you and your cat. And you needn’t worry about cutting into your holiday budget, as all of the following are available for under $10:

Veterinarian’s Best Moisture Mist Conditioner is a leave-in-the-coat conditioner designed to remove dandruff and soothe dry skin while leaving your cat’s coat full and fluffy. 8 in 1 Perfect Coat Studio Freshening Spray for Cats not only gets the electric "sparkles" out of your cat’s coat, it also helps to detangle hair and keep your feline smelling fresh. Another antistatic spray-on formula worth considering is Kenic Kalaya Emu Oil Spray, an exotic-sounding moisturizer that can be used daily to keep your cat’s dry skin blues away.

Don’t forget that a humidifier can help improve the overall air quality in your home during the "dry season," and that good skin health is directly related to diet. If you are already feeding a good quality diet and your cat shows other signs of skin problems, such as itchiness, hair loss, sores or irritation, please seek the opinion of a veterinarian. There may be more than a dry dermis making your kitty uncomfortable.

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