5 Ways to Keep Fido Cool This Summer

By Amy Loeffler

When the canine constellation Sirius rises in the sky the dog days of summer are upon us! That and your pooch turning up the AC when you’re not at home should be a clue it’s time to get creative with ways to help your pooch beat the heat. RedPlum has five tips, tricks and gadgets from low-tech to hi-tech that will keep your pooch cool as a cucumber this season.

Ice Molds: Here’s the concept: it’s like a salt lick, except it’s made with ice for dogs. This icicle on a stick from Kool Dogz is not only good for keeping Fido hydrated and heat-free, but provides hours of entertainment when filled with toys and treats. Freeze with water or diluted chicken bouillon for some tasty entertainment. Heavy duty steel base included. Check out this recipe for a delicious treat to fill those molds.

Puppy Popsicles: Yummy and cool! Many gourmet bakeries make yogurt-based frozen dog treats in the summer for canine clientele. Pick up a couple frozen goodies on jaunts around town for your pooch, stock up on commercially made Frosty Paws from your grocer’s freezer or even better make your own.

Bandanas: Not just any old bandanas from your dresser drawer will do! Try Cooldanna Cooling Doggie Bandanas. These bandanas absorb over 1,000 times their weight in water and work to cool your dog through evaporation. As your pooch heats up, water evaporates to keep him or her comfortable and refreshed. Made of attractive fabric these come in red, blue and the ol’ stars and stripes.

Water Vests: You might confuse your pooch with an extra from "Dune" in this water vest from Ruff Wear. Using the same evaporation technology as cooling bandanas, the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler cools Fido for up to two hours depending on the heat and humidity. Simply soak the vest in water and Fido is ready to brave any summer vacation destination.

Ice Cubes and Water: No money for techno-aqua-based air conditioning? The simplest and most economical way to cool off this summer is the traditional plain ice cube. Keep your thirsty hound hydrated by filling his water bowl half full of ice cubes in the sultry months.